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The hydrothermal chimneys

The hydrothermal chimneys in Eyjafjörður fjord are a unique natural phenomenon. Hydrothermal chimney formations like these are nowhere else in the world known at such shallow depth.

They are unique because of their formation, how high they are, chemical composition, and microbial ecosystem that thrives in unusual circumstances. They are also easily accessible by divers for sport or research, research that would otherwise by extremely costly.

They are also interesting in terms of searching for biological activity of substances. Because it is logical to conclude that the unusual conditions prevailing there cause unusual adaptations by the microorganism. It is known that the production of biologically active chemicals depends on the environment and the stimuli that the organisms get in each place and time.

Furthermore the chimneys are not only unique, but there are two sites, several kilometres apart that form chimneys. The highest chimneys are approximately middle distance between the bay of Ystuvík and hamlet of Hjalteyri. The other site is just north of Arnarnes peninsula and covers a substantially larger area.


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